Forventningen brer seg som ild i gress om hva som skal skje

Blikkene dine,fine  dype blå som ser på meg og jeg må se bort

Drømmer om deg og om meg

Håp, om oss.

Sommerfugler i magen som lever sitt eget liv hver gang ditt navn krysser mitt sinn

Ditt smil gir meg alt. Ditt sinn gir meg verden på et lite fat.






Et lite kyss

Han kysset henne på kinnet

        Glad og fornøyd

         blikk som stråler

hjerter som slår – et øyeblikk av lykke som ikke går over

Han kysset henne på kinnet

Varme lepper på et frossent kinn

sender varme over hele kroppen – og et smil som varer til morgenen

Han kysset henne på kinnet

Et øyeblikss lykke, et sekund som varer, et stk kjærtegn, et lite kyss



Jeg vet

Du vet ikke at jeg vet.

At jeg vet om deg.  At jeg vet at det burde være deg og meg.

Men jeg vet det. Og har visst det lenge.  – Så hvordan få deg til å vite hva jeg vet?

Hvordan skal våre verdener samles? Hvordan få våre veier til å krysse? Se det, vet jeg ikke.  Men jeg vet at du er der, fortsatt innen rekkevidde.

En dag, kanskje, vet jeg mer.


I’m unwanted.

I feel isolated, alone and forgotten.

It’s nearly Christmas, the saddest time of the year with messages of hope and angels and peace.

There is no peace. Peace is an illusion and no one cares.

Loneliness flourish. I sit in the dark – crying a river and no one is there.

Night after night all alone.  Walking the streets all alone.  Feeling like I cannot be seen. Searching for something to fill the void.

Another day has ended. Will there be another day again?


At nightfall when the walls are closing in

I look out of my window and watch for anything

The dark surrounds me so I cannot see

Yet I look and look for something I don’t know what is

I hope the darkness never ends. I hope it stays. I want it to take me away –


I want it to be  all consuming and never ending.

When the night falls I hope the day never knocks

He can have everything

“I don’t want to hurt you” he says.

“I don’t care” I tell him honestly, and I don’t.

“He could leave me for the moon and I wouldn’t regret a second of the time we spent togheter. I know in this moment that I would rather have my heart broken than not have his.

I make a contract with myself. I will love him and forget the consequences – just this once.

He can have everything”

S.Z // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #255


These wonderful words I read on the fantastic twitter (PoemsPorn)and Instagram account by the name of Poemsporn_

Go follow them for beatuiful poems and wonderful little messages of love, hope, fear and everything in between. They’ll give you food for thought… 🙂

The world

Is a strange place somtimes. Today, I say it with the words of the fantastic Shakespeare

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts”


Kiss me in the rain

Let it all flow. Make my heart melt under your gentle touch

Kiss me in the rain – like you’ve never kissed me before. Hold me close and take me home.

Kiss me in the rain. Always in the rain.


I look for you

I look for you in everyone I meet, hoping to see your face through the crowd

I walk the streets and think of you, where you are and what you do. You fill the corners of my mind – even the ones I haven’t found.

And I wonder… can they tell? Everyone I’m passing, can they tell that I’m looking for you? Can they see in my eyes that I’m searching for you?

Can they tell that I’m longing to see you and that everywhere I go I look for you – in everyone I meet.

And deep inside I hope that we will meet. That one day we will, by a miracle, meet and everything will be ok.  I can look in your eyes and see that everything is fine.

You are here and I am home.

Until then, I look for you – I look for you in everyone I meet.